Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The girls had a really fun night.  Elle was a witch and Gwen was her black cat.  Grandma and Grandpa came over and took the girls trick-or-treating around our neighborhood in the wagon.  It was so cute to see how excited they both were.  Gwen loved passing out candy.  She would take candy from her pumpkin and give it to anyone passing by that would take it.  Elle practiced saying, "trick-or-treat" all day a so she could be ready for the big night.  I loved passing out candy at our house.  Our neighborhood was swarming with excited little kids all dressed up.  A really fun night.  Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preschool Halloween Party

Today was Elle's preschool Halloween party.  I had a friend watch Gwen so that I could go and be a parent helper.  She is a witch this Halloween.  She was able to wear her costume to school which included a witch hat with attached hair (her favorite costume accessory) and broom.  Her hat and broom were a little much for the games outside but she still looked adorable.  It was so much fun to see Elle  interacting with her friends and teachers.  The party was super fun and Elle had a blast. One of her favorite games was where they put a bunch of pumpkins out on the grass with the kids' names on them and let the kids run to find their very own pumpkin.  Elle was sooo excited when she found her pumpkin.  She said, "mama, this one says, E-L-L-E...that's me"!  I also love the picture where she and her friend Stella are nose to nose. So cute.  It was so fun to be a part of her day and to have a glimpse into her preschool life.  I sure love my little witch.  

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gwendolyn and Mama

It's very rare for me to be in front of the camera.  I am usually the one behind it.  I have lots and lots of photos of my girls but very few of us together.  At the wedding, Jon got his hands on the camera and insisted on taking a few pictures of us.  Looking at these now, I am so grateful!  I am with my little girls all day but never am able to document our interactions with eachother.  I begged Elle to get in these with Gwendolyn and me but she was having too much fun running around with her cousins to be bothered (I don't blame her).  So here we are...Gwendolyn and her number one fan.  

The Wedding

The bride and groom just following the marriage ceremony

On the steps of the temple

Our little family

Aunt Linda, Sorelle, Juliet and Kandis

Grandma and Elle

Elle playing on the temple grounds

Jon and Gwen at the reflecting pool

Syd and Shea were married in the Salt Lake City temple.  I love temple weddings.  They are so peaceful.  The ceremony was simple yet beautiful.  Syd and Shea looked so happy and in love.  Jon and I sat and held hands during the ceremony.  I couldn't help but remember our day.  Jon and I talked after the wedding about how much more we love eachother now compared to our wedding day. I was totally in-love with Jon on our wedding day but it is interesting how love changes.  I am not just in-love with him now but I truly love him.  Everything about him.  I am also so grateful to have a husband who makes me feel that same love from him as well.  This may seem a little much for a blog but that is exactly what was going through my mind as I watched Syd and Shea take that same first step into their future.  
On a lighter note, the weather was beautiful.  You could not have asked for a more perfect day. We walked the temple grounds and took lots of pictures.  I didn't get too many of Shea and Syd because I was trying not to impose on their hired photographer (who rightfully followed closely behind them... can't wait to see their photos).  It was a perfect morning.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Reception

Mr. and Mrs. Sydney McGee!

The Happy Couple

The Barn at Dusk

Bride and Groom and Grandma and Grandpa McGee

Elle and the Princess Bride, Shea

Gwen and the Bride

Jon and me

Jon's Brother Syd (the groom) and Jon's sister Kjirsten

The McGee Boys

Dancing the night away

Following Syd and Shea's wedding in the Salt Lake City Temple, they held their reception at a beautiful barn in Mapleton.  Shea and her mom spared no detail in planning this.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Hanging lanterns, fresh flowers, a photo booth, panini bar, great music, lots of dancing and a lot of fun.  Elle was mesmerized by Shea.  She thought she was a princess.   The bride and groom rode off on a tandem bicycle at the end of the night as we all threw flowers.  So adorable.  I am so excited for the two of them to start their lives together.  I am excited for my girls to have another aunt to look up to and for me to get another amazing sister-in-law.  It was a magical evening.  

Last Stop

Our last few stops during the wedding weekend included getting to see my mom, hanging out with my sister and going to Ben's studio.  We were able to visit my mom at her stomping grounds.  Elle loved seeing all of Grammie's nursing equipment and even made a few rounds with her.  Thanks mom for opening your home to us and for letting the girls snuggle with your dog, Tootsie.  We were also lucky to be able to meet up with my sister Briar and her cute family.  We met them at her husband Ben's studio.  He has his own letterpress studio in Salt Lake City.  The artform is amazing and hasn't changed in the last 100+ years.  Ben has 6 letterpresses that he has acquired from all over the United States.  He does custom wedding invitations and announcements as well as boxed set cards and stationery that you may see in your favorite stationery stores and boutiques all around the country.  Needless to say I was in heaven browsing through all of the beautiful things he had in the studio.  Check out his websites...  Seraph Stationery and The Mandate Press.
Catching up with Briar, Ben and their three girls was so fun.  Elle and Gwen had a blast running around with their cousins.  I had so much catching up with Briar.  We are only 16 months apart. We look a like, we have basically the exact same childhood memories and we both think the same random things are hilarious.  
The girls loved flying.  I wasn't too sure about our 7am flights...very interesting with two toddlers!  Elle loved being able to sit by the window on the plane and Gwen loved daddy's fun idea of cruising the airports on top of her "monkey suitcase".  A great end to an amazing family packed weekend!  

Monday, October 20, 2008

Extra Halloweeny

This little girl is very excited for Halloween.  Elle chose the orange bow this morning so she could look "extra halloweeny" at preschool.  We have had her costume and Gwen's costume ready for the last two months.  Needless to say there have been a few dress rehearsals around here getting ready for the big day.  On a side note, Elle's hair is quite a bit shorter.  A few nights ago, I found her in my bathroom sitting up on the sink.  I looked in the sink and saw mounds of blonde curls and guess who was holding the scissors?  She looked at me and immediately the tears started streaming down her cheeks.  She kept saying, "mama I just wanted to get the snarls out".  It really was sad.  She had even soaked her hair in detangler spray.  We had a long talk that night and she gave me a lot of hugs.  On Saturday we went to the "haircut store", as Elle calls it, and had it evened out.  I think she looks adorable.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One Hundred

This afternoon Elle said to me, "Mama, I love you 100".  For a little girl who can only count to 15, that is an awful lot of love.  I was very flattered.  And to my sweet Elle, I love you to infinity.  


When Gwen wakes up in the morning she grabs a bathing suit, leotard or princess dress for me to put on her.  This morning it was the pink leotard and ballet skirt that caught her eye.  She LOVES to dress up just like her big sister.  Her little feet are just big enough now to fit into Elle's princess high heels.  I love to see her chubby little legs prancing around in the pink plastic heels.  She is all girl...through and through.  

Me and My Shadow

Miss Gwenners and Mama.  Pretty much how we are all day, everyday.  I am either holding her or she is hanging on my legs...and I wouldn't have it any other way.