Monday, January 12, 2009


I was rushing to get my little Gwendolyn home for her nap today.  I hurried upstairs, laid her in her crib and closed the door.  This nap time of hers is also precious time for me to get things done around the house.  I got downstairs and heard Gwen crying.  She was crying out saying, "baby, baby,".  When I rock Gwen I hold her in a baby position and sing, "hush little baby".  She loves it.  When she is sad, she says "baby, baby" which means, "mama, hold me like a baby and sing to me". These little ones really make you get your priorities straight.  The laundry can pile up, the dishes can wait, the house can fall apart but what is most important, (which Gwen reminded me of today) is this blink of time that I have with my little girls.  I went back into her room and she had a puffy face wet with tears and was standing in her crib waiting for me.  I held her in my arms and rocked her like a baby and sang to her our little song.  I know someday I am going to really miss this time.  I feel like it is falling through my fingers each day and I wish I could just slow down the clock.   I love motherhood and Gwendolyn reminded me today just what a blessing it is to be a mom...her mom.