Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Little Lily

Miss Lily is still struggling with her breathing. She is eating more these days so that is a huge improvement. How cute is she with her bottle? I remember my grandma, Grammie Gwen, used to be so sick at the end of her life but she always looked so great every time we would see her...all dolled up in a cute outfit and jewelry. I remember her feeling really sick one day and saying, "you don't get very much sympathy when you're sick if you look this good". Funny. Well, the same goes for Lily. She looks adorable and keeps her smile almost around the clock but she is still having a lot of breathing problems. The nebulizer is helping a lot. I am still doing that for her around the clock. I am really tired but am so thankful there is something that makes her feel better. I am hoping things will improve this weekend.

Today is my Jon's birthday. He went out for a ride this morning and is still not home. I got the girls up early and we went to the store and they picked out balloons for him, a card, his favorite breakfast (an acai bowl) and of course donuts. Elle and Gwen both worked really hard decorating the card. They are currently sitting on the porch with all of their loot just waiting for him. It is so cute to see them so excited to surprise their daddy.