Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Lily

I seriously can't get enough of this baby. How am I supposed to get anything done around here?

Lily Pie: 6 months

It's official. Lily's nickname is Lily Pie. It fits her perfectly. Someone asked Gwen what her sister's name was in the grocery store the other day and Gwen said, "lilypie". Lily Pie McGee...I like it. It seems impossible but I love this little girl more every minute. It is that way with all 3 of my girls. I think my heart has literally grown larger with each child I have had. I love them all so much. My Lily will be 6 months old on Saturday. Where did the time go? I gave her a bath this morning and Elle and I lotioned her up. Lily loved every minute of it. You can't look at her and not smile. Often I am running around doing dishes or laundry or chatting with Elle and Gwen and then I catch a glimpse of Lily pie from the corner of my eye... there she is just watching me and smiling. So adorable. It stops me in my tracks every time. I have to stop everything and just pick her up. I feel like I can't kiss her enough or snuggle her enough. She is truly a gift from heaven.