Monday, May 23, 2011

New Week

I'm happy this marks the start of a new week. Last week was a rough one for me health wise. Being a mom of 3 little ones and also being sick is rough. I'm feeling better today and am so grateful. I think my family is too!
The sunlight in our home this morning was so pretty.
The flowers on our kitchen counter made me instantly feel better and then there's my Lily. How cute is she? Gosh, I love her. Her name suits her so well, doesn't it? I have countless photos of her on our front porch but truthfully that is her favorite place to be. She would stand there all day if I let her. I think it gives her a sense of freedom. Oh, and have I mentioned her very favorite thing to say? It's, "mama". She sounds like a broken record all day but I still love it.
Lily, you're adorable.