Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yep...it's permanent

Gwen came upstairs looking just like this.  The worst part was that she was holding a permanent marker instead of one of our washable ones.  Jon started telling her that markers are only for paper etc etc when I started thinking... Gwen's markings looked awfully like cat whiskers. 
 Gwen could never have done that on her own.  I quickly called for Elle to join us.  I looked right at Elle and said, "I know you did this". Without Gwen being able to speak as fluently as she would like to, she was unable to place the blame on her sister.  Elle was stunned that I had figured this out.  Jon took Gwen into the bathroom and started trying to get the permanent marker off of her.  We were both trying not to laugh.  Jon whispered to me, "get the camera". Elle saw me taking pictures and immediately started crying.  She kept saying, "please, please do not take pictures and show the whole city that I was naughty" (I love that she used the word city).  Well, I couldn't resist.  So all of you out there in our city...don't tell Elle you saw this.