Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

A Happy Father's Day

The 2 most important men in my life...
My Jonnie and my dad.
I love you both sooo much.

Elle made a card for Jon all by herself and was so excited to present it to her daddy.
She listed her favorite things about him.
Here is Elle's list in her own words:

Daddy - Here are the things I love about you!
1. you are nice to me
2. you smell good
3. you dress good
4. you are a good sport to me
5. you take really good care of me
6. you have good parents
7. you help me when I am sad
8. you give me fun stuff
9. you give good hugs
10. you give me good kisses

Pretty cute, huh? To see it in her 6 year old printing makes it even more adorable. We're saving it forever, for sure. Gwen and Lily gave their daddy his favorite candy, licorice and hot tamales. We presented all of his presents to him with breakfast in bed of course. I can't get over how excited they get about everything. So sweet.
We had a very happy father's day.