Tuesday, March 3, 2009


We're home.   I can't tell you how nice it was to walk into our house with my little Gwen and put her in her own crib.  I was able to rock her to sleep in the rocking chair in her room.  Jon and I talked last night about how grateful we are...for everything.  Our perspective on life has shifted.  My friend Karsen sent me a quote from an essay she had been reading.  It truly has touched me.  I can't stop going over it in my mind.  It reads...

"We sleepwalk through most of our lives...and...every once in a while something happens...outside of ourselves that forces us to pay attention in a new way, or something happens inside of us that enables us to pay attention in a new way.  And we suddently realize that the world is so much richer, and more magnificent, and more wonderful than we had felt for a long time.  Not to sentimentalize but I think children live much more consciously in a state of awareness of the miraculousness of existence." Scott Russell Sanders

This experience has touched our whole family.  It has made us better as individuals.  It has made me want to be better.  A better friend,  a better sister, a better daughter, a better mother, a better wife. Interesting how the hardest periods of our lives end up being the experiences that enable us to be or atleast be on the road to becoming the kind of person that we want to be.  This experience has done that for me.  As hard as it was, I have learned so much and now have a new heightened awareness of how truly blessed we are.