Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall...

Gwen was admiring her beauty in the mirror.  The minute Elle saw the sweet moment, she couldn't stand it anymore and ran up to her and started making funny faces.  Gwen adores Elle.  It is really amazing considering how often Elle knocks her around.  No one can make Gwen smile like her big sister, Elle.  

Fancy Nancy

Elle's very favorite book is called Fancy Nancy.  She LOVES it.  She asks me to read it every day and refers to Nancy as if she is a real person.  Nancy is Elle's  personal heroin.  If Elle had a personal motto it would be, "what would Fancy Nancy do".  Nancy is a little girl who loves all things "fancy".  Some things Elle has learned from this book: gold is fancier than yellow, patent leather is fancier than regular leather, Nancy gets everything with sprinkles on top because it is well, just fancier! Dresses are fancier than pants and the more bows in your hair the better.  Elle frequently tries to get me to put matching bows in my hair to look fancier when we leave the house.  Her favorite thing to do is to play dress up and to dance.  She has a little plastic cd player in her room and cranks up the music and dances.  The funniest part is that I supply her with the music selections.  She doesn't know any better yet.  In the pictures I took above, the girls are dancing to Neal Diamond singing, "Cherry, Cherry".  Classic