Sunday, April 26, 2009

Elle's Big Night

Jon and I had Elle join us for our date night.  Hannah Montana the movie came out and Elle has been begging to go and see it.  I told her that I would take her to see it and Jon would stay home with Gwen.  Elle looked at me and said, "PLEASE can you get a babysitter for Gwen so that you AND daddy can go"? I told her she would have to ask her daddy.  Amazingly, Jon looked at her and said, "for you Elle, I will".  Last night was the big night.  She got all dressed up complete with her Hannah Montana necklace.  We went to her favorite restaurant, Romanos, for dinner and then hit the theatre.  She watched the entire movie with a cherry icee and popcorn on her daddy's lap.  It really was a cute show but I  think I enjoyed watching the two of them more than the movie.  A fun night for all of us.