Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Family Room

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The girls are back in school and are happy to have routine again in their lives -- I must say, I am too.  I stopped at the flower stand today and got some fall flowers for the family room.  Makes me happy. Our family room is finally coming together for me.  The scale is difficult in this room because of the vaulted ceilings.  That table in the corner is 60" across.  It's a kitchen table and still gets swallowed up in the corner.  I would love to have a round table there but this was one we just had and I've made it work.  I now have a lamp that has the correct scale for the room.  I love the silver.  To the right of the fireplace there needs to be a chair to balance out the room.   I have an amazing one in our storage unit that I found at a consignment shop over a year ago.  I just need to save my pennies to get it reupholstered.  Most of my day is with my sweet girls and doing laundry and grocery shopping and cleaning...fussing with my house is my hobby and passion and my creative outlet.  Today just putting the flowers out and taking pictures made me happy.  

Mantel Update

 photo september1_zpsa7745354.jpg

This blue and white lidded jar is my new favorite thing.  Just adding this to our mantel brightened the whole room.