Tuesday, March 17, 2009

They Found Us!

Those sneaky leprechauns found the McGee house!  We have been talking about this day for weeks.  On our calendar that hangs in our kitchen, Elle colored today's date in green so that she could count the days until St. Patrick's Day.  When the girls ran downstairs this morning they saw what those silly leprechauns had done.  Green shamrock balloons were hanging on the girls' chairs and Silver and Gold chocolates were all over the floor.  The leprechauns even tipped over our kitchen chairs and took all of the pillows off of the couch!  The thing that made the girls giggle the most was that the leprechauns turned our milk green and when I made their scrambled eggs, those mysteriously turned green too!  And let me tell you, Elle made sure that I dressed her in head to toe green for school.  She did NOT want to risk getting pinched.  
Happy St. Patrick's Day!