Saturday, April 11, 2009

One More Sleep

Our house has been decorated for a few weeks now in anticipation for Easter Sunday.  The paper mache' eggs are a big hit as is the bunny on the dresser in our entry.  The bunny is on a box and if you open it, there are two (secret) pretty eggs inside.  But I would have to say, the favorite decoration by a land-slide is our Easter Tree.  It is adorned with pretty painted eggs and pictures of the girls.  They love to hop on the kitchen counter and admire their little faces hanging in bunny and baby chick painted frames.  I was happy to report to the girls this morning that we have just 'one more sleep' until Easter.  Upon hearing the news, Elle ran straight to to refrigerator and then informed me that we DO NOT have any carrots in the house.  That is at the top of our to-do list today... all in preparation for the Easter Bunny's arrival.