Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sweet Gwen

Our sweet little Gwen was hit by a car yesterday.  She is stable and doing well.  We know that she will make a full recovery.  From the accident she sustained a collapsed lung, 5 broken ribs, a dislocated elbow and her arm is broken in 2 places.  The miracles (and I do not use that word lightly) are that she has no brain damage...her CT scan came back normal as did the MRI on her neck.  We know that she is being watched over and protected.  She is doing wonderfully well considering the circumstances.  A breathing machine has been working for her to let her lungs rest.  Tonight they are trying to reduce the amount of help from the machine to see if she can breathe over it on her own.  Our prayer is that Gwen can start to breathe on her own.  Jon and I are overwhelmed with the amount of love and concern we have received from our family and friends.  Please know that it is because of each of you that we are able to be strong for our Gwen. Please keep her in your prayers.  
All our love,
Jon , Amy and Elle