Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bathing Beauties

I have mentioned several times before how much Gwen loves to shower.  Elle on the other hand, is more of a bath girl.  This morning however, they both opted for the shower.  Gwen would just stand under the water for hours if I let her.  We keep a basket of bath toys in there just for her. Elle is becoming more and more independent.  She loves to lather up and wash not only herself but also Gwen.  Everytime they get out they grab a towel, hand it to me, and then turn around ready for me to drape it over their backs.  The sight of them walking around all wrapped up in white towels always makes me smile because it reminds me of the movie ET (elle's #1 movie) when ET dresses up as a ghost and waddles around the neighborhood.  Jon and I are always talking about how fast time is flying by with these little ones.  He usually reminds me of this important fact during the occasional pep talk he gives me after I've had a particularly long day of toddler tantrums and the like.  This time of their childhood is a lot of work (a lot) but it really is  a magical time.  They are full of wonder and everything is so exciting to them...even bathing.  

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Water Baby

After the whole cream cheese fiasco (see below) it was definitely time for miss Gwenners to get sprayed off in the sink.  This little girl LOVES the water.  Her favorite thing to do is play in the shower.  However, after today, I think she will now have a new favorite water activity.

Crazy Girl

Let me tell you, this little one is into everything!  I ran upstairs just to switch the wash and came down to this lovely little situation.  She even pulled the chair over by herself.  Gwen gave herself a cream cheese rub down and used a carrot peeler from the drawer as a spoon...and she's not even two yet.  Good thing I love this little one more than life itself because instead of completely stressing out over this mess, all I could do was get my camera and then put her in the kitchen sink for a quick bath.  I sure love my little crazy girl.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy 11th birthday to my niece Juliet.  Elle, Gwen and I took her out for her birthday lunch. She could go anywhere and chose Baja Fresh.  She is a ray of sunshine everywhere she goes and we adore her.  Since she's so grown-up now we gave her, her very own sweet smelling lotion and perfume.  We love you, birthday girl!  

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Perfect Day

Good friends. 
Great conversation. 
Sand, Sun and the Sea.  

Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Mornings

I am loving our lazy summer mornings.  Without preschool or summer camps, we don't have anywhere we need to rush to and it is quite nice.  The girls lounge around in their pajamas, eat breakfast in the backyard and play with Tiger.  Elle is wearing her "new" favorite nightgown.  She found it in a box of my things from when I was a little girl.  My great grandma made these nightgowns as Christmas gifts for all of her great grandaughters when we were young.  It is a little big for Elle but she LOVES it (especially where it is stiched "amy") and begs to wear it every night.  It is flannel and has been washed 100's of times so it is "extra cozy" as Elle says. She calls it "mommy's little girl princess nightgown".  Quite a mouthful.  The stool Gwenners is under is where I sit when I am on the computer.  She loves to climb under it when I am on it and pull on my legs.  The funny face she is making is her newest trick.  I say, "sad" and she makes that face.  I then say, "happy" and she just cracks up.  She is quite the little comedian and makes us laugh all day long.  I love these little girls and feel so lucky to be their mommy.