Monday, May 4, 2009

Members Only

I left the front door open this afternoon.  The breeze and sunlight were just too nice to keep it shut.  Elle and Gwen got a tutu from our dress-up basket and used it as their blanket as they cuddled with eachother on the porch.  I watched them for a while before I even thought to grab my camera.  I love seeing the love they have for one another. Having sisters is like being a part of a very private club.  Only those with sisters can truly understand what I mean but it is so, so true.  I know Gwen and Elle have already established this club almost subconsciously. Even being their mom does not give me access...and because I know how important and wonderful this club membership is for them, I am not jealous in the least.  I get it.  
Elle has a calendar that she keeps track of my due date in.  She keeps it in her room and makes me regularly count how many more days until her baby sister will arrive.  There is definitely excitement in the air around here.  And let me just say how happy we all are that they have another little sister on the way to join their very private "sister club".