Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Little Turkey

Elle's kindergarten class put on the cutest Thanksgiving performance yesterday.  It was so fun to go to her classroom and to see her with all of her friends and her teacher.  I loved seeing her little face light up when I walked into the classroom.  She couldn't talk because they were all lined up in front of the class so she gave me a wink and of course I winked right back at her. They sang lots of songs and recited a few poems.  Elle even had a part where during one of the songs every time they sang about pumpkin pie she was the one that got to stand up with the pie and give a little wiggle.  It killed me.  After their perfomance I was able to stay and make a macaroni necklace with her and also eat some treats that she made for me with her class. Before we left she insisted that we go to the playground so that she could show me that she now officially knows how to pump on the swing.  She has been working hard at this goal.  We had so much fun together and I am already excited for her next perfomance.