Saturday, October 6, 2012

Love Me

My sweet little Lily was sitting on this little chair just watching me while I was on the computer this morning.  She's so cute with her messy bed-hair and nightie. My camera was on the desk next to me and I just snapped these little candids of her.  Gosh, I adore her.  She's my angel.  If she's sad and feels I'm not giving her the attention she needs because I'm dealing with the other girls she cries and says, "mama. love ME".
It's her way of saying,"Mom. stop what you're doing, I need some love and attention".  How could I not respond to that?  It stops me in my tracks every time. I feel torn with 3 little ones constantly needing me and all I can do is pray that I'm giving each of them what they need.
Lily - when you read this someday...I hope you'll know that you have ALWAYS been sooo loved. 
I love YOU.  
xoxo mama