Wednesday, February 2, 2011


There in one perk to having a sick baby. Just one, but it's a good one. When they're sick, they're extra cuddly. Lily is a sweet baby but she's also busy, busy, busy. She's been sick this week (and last) and ALL she wants to do is snuggle. It's super hard when I'm trying to get dinner going or like this morning when I was getting Elle out the door and making her lunch- - Lily just literally sat on my feet and cried. I couldn't hold her and it was so sad. I did get Elle off to school and came right back home - got Lily out of her carseat and back in my arms, hooked a happy Gwen up with all of her "baby stuff" (she's really into baby dolls right now) and headed upstairs to my job - AKA keeping this house organized. It's never ending but at least I have my sidekick.