Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pool Days

My little girls love the water.  If we could be at a pool or at the beach from sun up to sun down, they would be happy (as long as Gwenners gets a nap in there somewhere).  Gwen loves for me to hold her tight against me and spin with her little legs making the water splash.  Elle on the other hand is a much more demanding customer.  She loves the "dolphin" and begs me to do it with her everytime we are at a pool.  She hops on my back, holds her little hands tightly around my neck and we swim around with her bobbing up and down on my back.  She LOVES it.  Every hour or so the pool does a safety break where everyone has to get out of the pool for 10 minutes.  Well, to preface this it must be known that I don't have hearing in my right ear.  That whole situation is a story for another time but I was in the pool doing "dolphin" and did not hear the multiple requests for us to get out.  Elle is loving it and all of a sudden I look up and we are the ONLY ones in the pool.  All of the kids and parents are out of the pool, staring and waiting for us to get out.  I was dying (laughing).  Elle thought it was so much fun that she didn't want to inform me of the pool evacuation.   Needless to say I said a loud, "sorry!" to everyone at the pool and gracefully "dolphined" right over to the steps and we got out.  Just thinking about it makes me laugh.  Well, I will have to be more aware of my surroundings in the future but I can't wait to take my girls on more dolphin rides this summer.