Saturday, October 30, 2010

My little Pumpkin

This little pumpkin is all mine. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

The Pumpkin Patch

Since Elle's first Halloween we have gone to the same pumpkin patch each year to pick out our pumpkins. It is now a tradition and the girls LOVE it. Jon and I were both so tired the night we went and it sounds silly but I really had to "rally" to get the energy to dress everyone up and head on out. However, the minute we saw their little faces light up when we got there it was all worth it. Jon and I both looked at eachother and smiled. Totally worth it. That little knit pumpkin hat was Elle's, then Gwen's and this year it was Lily's. As long as the girls will let me dress them the same I am going for it. They looked so cute. The pumpkin patch has music playing, kiddie rides, a small petting zoo and of course rows and rows of pumpkins. The girls got to choose their own pumpkins and even picked out a small one for Lily. It was a fun night and I know the girls are already looking forward to next year.

Friday, October 22, 2010

October House

I try to make the holidays fun around here. Just a little effort goes a long way with little kids. The girls get so excited about everything. The Halloween tree was so simple and it is their very favorite decoration. I just picked up a manzanita branch from the local flower stand and stuck it in floral foam in my white pitcher. So simple. I then found the pumpkin lanterns and had Jon help me hang them up. At night when we turn the hall lights on they light up. It's pretty cute to see how something so simple can be soo fun for the girls. Just 8 more days until all the fun begins...but who's counting?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ducky Elle

This is Elle on my shoulder Halloween 2005. She is the exact same age that Lily is now. I think I am going to have Lily give this costume a second-run this Halloween. It is just too darn cute. This is still how I picture Ellers in my mind. On my shoulder and sucking her thumb. They really do grow up too fast.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ladybug Boots

Gwen heard the UPS truck pull up to our house this morning and started screaming... screaming with excitement. I ordered her a pair of ladybug rain boots and a ladybug umbrella last week when we had so much rain. I showed her the picture of them online and told her they would be delivered to our doorstep. I kid you not she has asked me 3 times a day for the last week if she could check our porch for them. Today was the day! She put them on and then ran upstairs to get her outfit for preschool to match them. The ladybug umbrella is on backorder and we are still anxiously waiting for its arrival. The excitement over these boots however, has made the wait for the umbrella bearable. Here she is counting the polk-a-dots. And in case you're wondering, there are "forty-four-five" polk-a-dots. That's a lot.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I really can't believe how much I love my Lily-pie. We've actually just started calling her Pie-pie as of late. I think it's pretty cute. She is still struggling to walk on her own but loves to push the shopping cart around the house. I successfully got her to stop using a bottle. Oh how she loved those bottles. It was a (really) rough two days but I made myself just throw them away so that I wouldn't be tempted in a moment of weakness to give in to her. I stayed strong and she is now quite happy with her sippy-cups.

In fact, she was holding her sippy cup right before I took this picture (below). Gwen swooped in and snatched it from her. Did I mention my Pie-pie has a temper? She does. Can you see those clenched fists? She wanted that sippy-cup back STAT.

Don't mess with the Sippy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Princess Gwendolyn Agee

Gwen went to Disneyland for her friend, Malia's 4th Birthday. Malia's mom had the girls lined up for hair appointments at the "princess hair store" (that's what gwen called it). Glitter, hot pink and purple hair extensions, braids and her very own princess comb and brush. To say Gwen was excited would be an understatement. When she arrived home she was sound asleep. Jon carried her to her bed and we slipped her into her nightgown but were careful not to touch her hair. I took these photos of her right as she woke up. Her hair extensions still in tact and glitter covering her pillow proved that all the fun she had the night before was not just a dream. She was adorable telling me all about her fun night with her friend. She called her self Princess Gwendolyn Agee (that's how she pronounces mcgee). I told her she could leave her hair just like that for preschool. A few more squirts of hairspray and a bobby pin and it was as good as new. I love this little princess.


There's nothing like cousins. Here my girls are with my sister Megan's two girls, Hayden and Quinn. I really wish my sisters lived closer. My cute nephew Charlie (josie's little boy) was actually just out of the picture frame. We begged him to get in but he said there were "too many girls". I don't blame him.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Elle and Gwen

I love this picture. Cute Gwen with her "bug-catcher" box and chocolate cookie covered face and my sweet Ellers with her freckles and in her very favorite flower t-shirt.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flying High

The day after the funeral we met up with my family once again for some kite flying on the cliffs in Palos Verdes. It was a beautiful day. Grampie Dune and Nana supplied the kites and we each supplied our own picnic lunches. Jon helped Elle and Gwen get their kites up in the air. I love him. He even looks manly with a princess kite. It was so much fun. I always love going to Palos Verdes. It will always be "home" to me.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bobbi's Funeral

Bobbi's funeral was beautiful. A funny word to use when describing a funeral but that is how I felt about it. It was amazing to be in a room filled with so much love. Everyone that was there was there because they loved my grandma...their grandma, their mom, their aunt, their sister, their friend. I was so happy to have my girls with me. I was worried they would be afraid at the viewing but I explained in detail everything about the day before we arrived. It was actually a great experience for them. The room was filled with so much love. I whispered to Elle and Gwen to look all around them. I then told them that they were related to everyone in the room. Their eyes got big and they both smiled. My cousin Casey said a few nice words and offered a prayer and then Chief was able to say his last good-bye before they closed the casket. That part had everyone in the room in tears. As a family we all walked into the Chapel for the funeral. My dad and his two sisters spoke and all of the grandchildren and great grandchildren sang a song. 16 Grandchildren and 37 Great Grandchildren. Amazing. My brother-in-law Ben worked through the night to letterpress all of the funeral programs. They were beautiful.

We then drove to the cemetery where Bobbi's grave sits right next to her mother and father's. The 7 grandsons including my brother, Jake were the pallbearers. My Uncle Craig said a prayer and dedicated her gravesite. Gwen and Elle stood on either side of chief during that part of the service. Sweet little Gwen was so worried about Chief. She didn't take her eyes off of him and kept patting his hand. It was really a special day. I had a renewed love for my grandma. Her whole life revolved around the importance of family. I miss her so much already but am grateful for the knowledge that Families really are Forever and that I will see her again.