Thursday, February 23, 2012

Piggy Lily

This Piglet costume is Lily's FAVORITE item in our dress-up basket. She puts it on every day at least a few times. And when she's really lucky, I let her wear it while we run errands.
Here she is this morning - - I can't get enough.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I walked past Gwen this morning and the light was so pretty in our family room. Gwennie looked so cute watching cartoons. I LOVE that she doesn't start school until 11:30. We race elle out the door at 8:00 and then the two younger ones can hang around in pjs for a bit while I try to get things put back together around the house. I like this routine.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heart Attack

On Valentine's Day morning, we got up early and before Elle headed out for school we went to our neighbors' home and gave them a "heart-attack" on their front door. We have the world's NICEST neighbors. My girls refer to them as Nonnie and Grampy and love them dearly. They really are like grandparents to the girls. Nonnie always remembers their birthdays and brings over treats for each holiday. Grampy sings with his guitar and when their windows are open my girls love to run on to our driveway to listen to him. Needless to say, we just adore them. So for Valentine's day we cut out hearts and Elle and Gwen wrote little messages to them. We snuck over and taped them all over their front door hoping they wouldn't hear us. Even little Lily got involved. I took a few pictures on my phone first and by the time I switched to my real camera Lily and Gwen had, had enough. I was too worried we were going to wake them up so Elle obliged to be in the picture alone. I think we need to make this a tradition because it was just too much fun.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Gwen and Elle passed out Valentines in their classes today. Here is Gwen's. It's too cute. That really is Gwennie's profile and she felt so excited to pass them out.
I'm having a hard time uploading the cute little card Elle passed out but will get that figured out in the morning.
This morning we gave our sweet neighbors a heart-attack on their door. I have the cutest pictures that I need to upload. Gwen had a preschool performance and party that was adorable. Elle had a valentine lunch exchange at school. (she pulled her teacher's name out of the hat and got to prepare her teacher's lunch. Wow, was she ever excited!) and after school she went to a friend's valentine party. We had dinner as a family and after Jonnie got all 3 girls showered , into their jammies for bed and read them a story. That's was the best gift EVER!
A busy and Happy day.

valentines from here

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Yep, my baby pie-pie is growing-up. She is 2 1/2 and that is so hard to believe.
I regretfully don't have a baby book going for this one so here are a few things I don't want to forget...
Lily's very favorite song in the whole wide world is called "Cutie Patootie". It's on repeat at our house. She points to the computer and dances a little and then I know exactly what she wants.
I go to iTunes, put the song on repeat and she's happy as a clam.
She refuses to wear a bow, headband or clip in her hair. She acts as if she's allergic.
Her favorite thing to say is, "I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do".
She says it loud and fast for just about everything.
She's a daddy's girl. If he's in the room I might as well be chopped liver.
And speaking of food, Lily's favorite food in the whole wide world is macaroni and cheese. And if she's able to be picky she LOVES the kind from Panera Bread.
If I ever drive past that place she starts chiming in from the back seat, saying, "nu-nuuuuuuu's!!" (her way of saying, noodles)
If we're in the car and I put the car in park she raises her little hand and says, "me!"
That means she wants to go with me into the store. I think it's so funny and cute.
Before bed she LOVES to have Dr. Seuss' The Foot Book read to her.
Lily gives the world's best hugs and kisses. I get them all day long.
The best is when she gives me leg hugs. She just walks up to me and snuggles on my leg. I love it.
The main purpose of this blog is to keep a record of our family. Someday I hope Lily will read this and know not just some funny things about her toddler years but how much her mama has loved and adored her, even from the beginning.
I love you, sweet Lily. I'm glad you're mine.