Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Mornings

I am loving our lazy summer mornings.  Without preschool or summer camps, we don't have anywhere we need to rush to and it is quite nice.  The girls lounge around in their pajamas, eat breakfast in the backyard and play with Tiger.  Elle is wearing her "new" favorite nightgown.  She found it in a box of my things from when I was a little girl.  My great grandma made these nightgowns as Christmas gifts for all of her great grandaughters when we were young.  It is a little big for Elle but she LOVES it (especially where it is stiched "amy") and begs to wear it every night.  It is flannel and has been washed 100's of times so it is "extra cozy" as Elle says. She calls it "mommy's little girl princess nightgown".  Quite a mouthful.  The stool Gwenners is under is where I sit when I am on the computer.  She loves to climb under it when I am on it and pull on my legs.  The funny face she is making is her newest trick.  I say, "sad" and she makes that face.  I then say, "happy" and she just cracks up.  She is quite the little comedian and makes us laugh all day long.  I love these little girls and feel so lucky to be their mommy.