Saturday, February 26, 2011

Loving these...

Getting Crafty

I was with my friend Sara one day and was admiring some pretty bottles in a store. I wanted them for my mantel but the price was crazy expensive. Sara then said, "you know - I know how to make those." That was all I needed. I said, "sign me up!" All I had to do was find some pretty sea fans or shells that I liked and the vintage bottles. The sea fans are easy to find in the local shops around here and the bottles I just kept an eye out for when I was in antique stores. Over the next few weeks I did my homework and then told her I was ready. Sara came over and we had them made in about 15 minutes tops. It was that easy! Here we are in action. Don't be fooled by the photos. In reality, Sara did most of the work. I have a third smaller bottle but we ran out of time and had to run to the school to pick our kids up but we'll finish it up next week. I put the bottles up on my mantel and they look so pretty. Thank you, Sara. I love them.