Sunday, June 5, 2011

School Carnival

Elle's elementary school had their annual carnival. The excitement level about this event was pretty high. On the day of the carnival the rides were being set up before school let out. Blow-up bounce houses covered the school yard and I can only imagine what a big deal that was for the kids to see while at recess. As I was driving Gwen and her friends around that day, every time we passed the school the preschoolers in the back of my car would start yelling and pointing. Jon came home from work early and we went as a family. Gwen won the cake walk which was a HUGE deal to her. She was able to go to a large table with her winning ticket and choose any cake she wanted. She chose the one with mounds of frosting in rainbow colors and on top balanced a big plastic crab. She was beaming and very proud. Elle spent the majority of her time waiting in line for the trampoline jump. They were hooked up with harnesses and were able to jump (in elle's words) super-duper high. Yes it was crowded and the lines were long but really, as a parent there is nothing better than watching your little ones be so excited and happy. Totally worth it.