Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So Happy Together...most of the time

Each morning I take the girls downstairs and make them breakfast.  This morning I guess I took a little longer than usual because by the time I got downstairs to start our morning routine, I found that my job had been done for me.  I found Elle and Gwen exactly as you see them in the pictures above.  Elle got Gwen into the booster seat, got a placemat out, a sippy cup from the cupboard which she filled with water and provided an array of food for Gwen... all by herself! Gwenners had blueberries, fruit snacks, applesauce and goldfish crackers for breakfast.  Quite the spread!  Elle sat right next to Gwen and helped feed her the applesauce.  Every so often Gwen would lean into Elle for a kiss.  It was just so, so cute to watch.  I am so happy they have eachother.  I remember finding out that I was having another girl when I was pregnant with Gwen.  My first thought was just complete excitement for Elle.  I remember telling Jon that we were giving Elle the best gift she could ever ask for...a sister.  I have 3 sisters and they are my very best friends in the entire world.  It is so fun to see my girls developing bonds now that they will carry into the future. They do fight...they both have bruises on themselves to prove that they do.  No one gets Elle more riled up than Gwen when she is grouchy and visa versa.  But on the flip side, no one can make Gwen laugh as hard as Elle can.  And Gwen has a way of making Elle feel so important and so deeply loved.   Gwenners gives Elle the sweetest most genuine little hugs and out-of-the-blue kisses...and I think that's just how it should be.