Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A First

Elle was pretty excited this afternoon.  We were lying on my bed while Gwen was napping and her baby sister in my tummy was being abnormally active.  I told her to put her hand on my stomach and then to just be still.  I wish I had a camera to capture her excitement.  She felt her sister kick her little hand through my stomach for the first time.  She was absolutely in awe. She sat straight up, looked at me with an open mouth and wide eyes and said, "mama, I felt her, tell her to do that again"!!! Pretty sweet and I think something she won't soon forget.  

Gwen Gwen

We rarely call this cute little girl Gwendolyn or even Gwen.  In our home she is either referred to as    'Gwen Gwen' or Gwenners.  She loves jackets with hoods and calls her hood a hat.  And when she is lucky enough to have a jacket on that has an attached hood, the hood HAS to be on too.  I love my 'Gwen Gwen' and I love how cute her little round face looks when she has on her "hat".