Monday, October 20, 2008

Extra Halloweeny

This little girl is very excited for Halloween.  Elle chose the orange bow this morning so she could look "extra halloweeny" at preschool.  We have had her costume and Gwen's costume ready for the last two months.  Needless to say there have been a few dress rehearsals around here getting ready for the big day.  On a side note, Elle's hair is quite a bit shorter.  A few nights ago, I found her in my bathroom sitting up on the sink.  I looked in the sink and saw mounds of blonde curls and guess who was holding the scissors?  She looked at me and immediately the tears started streaming down her cheeks.  She kept saying, "mama I just wanted to get the snarls out".  It really was sad.  She had even soaked her hair in detangler spray.  We had a long talk that night and she gave me a lot of hugs.  On Saturday we went to the "haircut store", as Elle calls it, and had it evened out.  I think she looks adorable.