Thursday, December 24, 2009

We Believe

I bought this wreath and then added the red satin ribbon to hang it from our door. A few days later I found this sparkly 'believe' ornament and added that to it too. Jon took one look at it smiled and said, "I am trusting you on this one, Amy". He wasn't too sure about it. I however, love it. It also helped me bring up with my girls about what the word 'believe' means. I asked Elle what we believe in and she said, "well, we believe in Santa". Very true. Santa is alive and well at the McGee home. I then also explained to them that we believe in the real meaning of Christmas. I was able to have them look at our nativity set and we talked about the events of Christ's birth. I hope now when they look at our sparkly 'believe' wreath they will not just think about Santa but also about what we really are celebrating this holiday season.

Christmas Lily

This little girl is my favorite early Christmas gift this year. I also think she makes the cutest Christmas decoration of all. I love you Sweet Lily.