Friday, April 30, 2010


Our Gwenners just got her haircut. She thinks she looks pretty cute and so do we.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Daddy Love

Jon is in San Francisco on a business trip. He called early this morning and told the girls to run downstairs and to get on ichat on our computer. As soon as they clicked on the icon there he was waving at them from his hotel room. They talked and made jokes for a while and blew kisses through the screen. Gwen even showed off her new haircut. Seeing him like this with our girls makes me love him even more. After we said good-bye Elle said, "daddy sure loves us." He flies back home this afternoon and we all can't wait.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Gwen and I had a play-date today. With Elle at Kindergarten and Lily napping it left just the two of us together. This is her favorite activity...playing airplane. She also likes to play "spaceship" where I spin her around in circles. She is growing up so quickly. In fact, the two of us got up early this morning and went to preschool sign-ups for next year. She walked into the classroom and said (yelled), "Mom, I like this place!" I really LoVe this 3 year old.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Girls Only

This afternoon I went outside to find Elle and Gwen in our pop-up tent on our trampoline. They carried it out there all themselves. They also carried out a suitcase, every stuffed animal we own and multiple blankets, play-food and pillows. I was informed that it was for Girls Only! I had to draw the line when they were trying to get Lily out there with them. Visions of Lily rolling off the trampoline were running through my mind. I am however excited for the day when Lily CAN join them.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sisters are Forever

I am constantly telling my girls how lucky they are to have each other. I tell them that no matter what... they need to love and look out for one another. That throughout their lives no one will understand them or "get them" as well as a sister. I know this from firsthand experience. I often say "Friends come and go but sisters are....(and they repeat with me) FOREVER".

Monday, April 12, 2010


Elle and Brinley (both 5 1/2)

Malia and Gwen ( both 3)

My friend and I loaded up our kids and took them to Balboa Island on Friday. They were in heaven.
Boat Rides + Ferris Wheel + Carousel + Corndogs = F U N

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting Real

I started laughing yesterday thinking about my last post on how I have learned to "mother" each of my kids. This was Gwen in the Lowe's parking lot yesterday afternoon. She literally had a complete and total melt down because I told her that I was not going to buy her the Barbie book she saw in the check-out line. Yes, she is lying on the cement parking lot floor here and just imagine the screaming with this shot as well. I had Elle and Lily with me as well and I didn't have a car to contain all of this craziness because we were waiting for my car which was being worked on, on the other side of the shopping center. There I was in full view of the world looking and feeling like a complete and total failure as a mom. I had NO IDEA what to do with her. She was beyond reasoning with. I literally just stood above her and tried to talk with her...then I tried to carry her...then I tried to ignore...then I tried to be firm. Nothing worked. Everything in me wanted to just walk straight back into the store and buy that darn book but I held strong. We were quite the sight as we walked with her trailing behind us screaming. I eventually scooped her up as she was thrashing in my arms. I told her I loved her but that we can't always get whatever we want. As soon as we got back to the tire center I sat her on my lap and just hugged her. She eventually calmed down and just snuggled into me on my lap. Her crying finally lessened and while sniffling Gwen softly whispered, "sowwy mom". I almost started crying. It's not pretty all the time but maybe I do know how to mother my kids after all.

I took this picture with my phone. When situations like this come up I often will take a picture of them on my phone and picture-text Jon with the line, "good times!". We have a good laugh with them later in the day. I sent this photo to Jon yesterday from the tire center.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Sidekick

Here's my Lily sitting where she spends the majority of her day...on my lap (or hip). My brother Jason (a.k.a. uncle jakey) took this photo of us the other day. She is awake a lot more these days and if not in physical contact with me, she likes to have visual contact. If she can see me she's happy. She sits in a rear facing carseat and even as I drive she tries to crank her head around to watch me. If she can't see me while driving and is sad for some reason, she wimpers and I just put my hand back to her and she holds my finger. That calms her down every time. I love this about her. I love that over time I have learned how to mother each of my girls. They are all so different and I have different tricks for each of them. I also know that as they get older these little tricks won't work anymore and I will have to learn new ones.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a fun Easter morning. Before bed I gave the girls their Easter Pajamas and then they left out carrots for the Easter Bunny. They were really concerned that we didn't leave any water for him too. I went into their room before I went to bed (they had been asleep for a few hours) and as I pulled the blankets back up onto Elle she said, "mama, I really think the Easter Bunny would like some water". I assured her that I would go back downstairs and leave a glass of water for him next to the carrots. Pretty cute. This morning there were some very cute voices yelling with excitement as they marched down the stairs to their Easter baskets. Gwen yelled at the top of her lungs, " The Easter Bunny came to MY house"!!! Their main gifts were the books; Pinkalicious, Purplicious and Goldilicious. They are adorable storybooks and they have been wanting them for some time now. The egg hunt was a hit and they were in a full sprint for each egg they spied in the backyard. Our Lily-pie was just the sweetest little thing and loved watching all of the excitement from Jon's lap. Gwen adorned her baby sister with the bunny ears. We have loads of Sees chocolate around the house right now and I couldn't be happier. This afternoon we are heading out to have Easter dinner with Grandma and Grandpa McGee and the McGee cousins. A Very Happy Easter.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Morning

How could you not have a good morning when you wake up to this?