Saturday, March 13, 2010

Easter Trees

We love holidays around here. I try and make them special for our girls. They get so excited every time I pull out our decorations. For Easter, I love Easter Trees. I have bought a few of them over the years. I kept buying them because they were never really what I was envisioning. So this year, I decided to just make one that was exactly what I wanted. I ordered manzanita branches from the florist, sprayed them white and then arranged them in a big pink vase. Gwen helped me decorate it while Elle was at school. We were pretty proud of ourselves. It turned out just as I had hoped. Our other tree I moved up into Elle and Gwen's bedroom. And let me tell you, they LOVE having it in there. They decorate and re-decorate it daily. Having their own tree also keeps them off of our kitchen table playing with, (in elle's words) "our fancy tree". It's a win-win for sure.