Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shiny Bright

After the girls have their baths, as we are drying them off we tell them that they are now shiny bright.  I don't know exactly how it started or maybe I grew up with that saying but "shiny bright" is said daily in our house.  There is nothing more kissable than our just from the tub, sweet smelling little girls. The morning light was so pretty coming in from the window, I couldn't resist getting my camera out.  Looking at these pictures of the girls, I can see so much of Jon in them.  They both got their daddy's bright blue, almond shaped eyes (lucky girls).  I sure love these little angels. 

Too Quiet

When the house gets too quiet, I know something is up.  I went upstairs looking for Gwen and found her in the shower.  She was fully dressed and lathering herself up in my shampoo.  Her hair was greased down and she smeared it all over the walls and glass door.  The first picture is my favorite...she has the "uh oh, I'm caught" face.  I can't be upset for too long with this cute little girl.