Wednesday, April 1, 2009

23 Weeks

Just like her mama, Elle loves to take pictures.  She took this of me in our front yard this afternoon with our dog, Tiger.  This was our best shot. The other pictures had my entire face cut off...she was focusing in on my ever expanding belly. Can't blame her, it is a hard target to miss these days.  I am now 23 weeks pregnant and feeling so much better.  Can't wait to meet this little mcgee girl I am carrying inside of me.  It is starting to feel "real" and I am so excited.  


If I am in a hurry or not in a hurry, without fail, Gwen has to play peek-a-boo each and every time I get her out of her carseat.  In fact, those adorable little chubby fingers will not budge from her eyes unless I indulge her in atleast one game.  This is one of the little things about her that I know I will miss someday and most likely would even forget as time passes.  So as long as she thinks it is funny, I am happy to play along.  And let me tell you, she thinks this is VERY funny.