Friday, August 6, 2010


Here is a picture of my Gwen that I took last week. I love it because this is a face she makes a lot. It is very, "Gwen". She is so hilarious. To say she is animated is an understatement. Living with her truly is like living with a cartoon character. She is beyond excited about everything. If I say, "Gwen, we are going to the grocery store..." She squeals with excitement and jumps up and down. If I buy her a new toothbrush or tell her she can choose a movie to play in the car...yep, she is just as excited. And when I say excited you need to picture someone winning the publishers clearing house sweepstakes. That is the kind of jump up and down excited she gets...about everything. I took the girls to an outdoor mall yesterday and told them I had brought magic pennies for them to throw into all of the fountains. They were dying with excitement. I gave Gwen her three magic pennies and let's just say she did not take those three wishes lightly. She stood on the side of the fountain - closed her eyes and chanted " I wish I may, I wish I might.....". She then closed her eyes super tight and threw her pennies in.
I don't know what she wished for but I sure hope it will come true. I love that I get to be this girl's mama. I am so excited to see where her life will take her and to watch as she grows-up. I just don't want her to grow-up too fast because this is too much fun.