Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yesterday I loaded all 3 girls up and met Jon's parents at Disneyland. We had an amazingly fun day. The girls were in heaven. We rode every ride and for the first time, in a long time, I was able to ride with them. Grandma and Grandpa McGee took turns watching Lily. Gwen's first ride choice was Dumbo. It was VERY important to her that she rode the pink elephant. As soon as the gate opened she sprinted for it. And as you can see...mission accomplished. Elle's number one ride choice was Space Mountain. On this trip she finally got enough courage to try it out. As we were making sure she was tall enough for the ride, Gwen realized that she too was tall enough. My 3 year old is tall enough to ride Space Mountain. Wow. As soon as the ride was over Elle was half-smiling, squeezing the life out of my hand and shaking a little. Gwen on the other hand was yelling, "again, again"! On Splash Mountain as we were in the log heading up the the steep part before the big drop Gwen yelled, "hands-up"! Elle and I died laughing over that one. Tarzan's treehouse was also a favorite...especially the bridge. We all went on Pirates of the Caribbean and It's a Small World (Lily included). Lily's eyes were wide-open and she was so excited. Lots of churros, popcorn and lollipops were consumed. Pretty much a perfect day.