Friday, July 23, 2010

The Party

Elle had a pool party this year. It was very casual and very fun. We had lunch, a water-balloon toss, mermaid races through hula-hoops in the water and of course birthday cake. Elle's main request was to have a chocolate mermaid cake with pink candles. The girls loved swimming and had so much fun. The party favors we handed out were matching purple towels with pineapples on them for all of her friends and candy necklaces. Elle is so fortunate to have such a sweet and fun group of girlfriends. She had a big smile on her face the whole day. A super fun day for everyone. Happy Birthday, Elle.

Elle turns 6!

Elle turned 6 years old on the 21st. We all woke up early and headed to the donut shop for her favorite rainbow sprinkled donuts. She made sure we remembered to take our fancy 'happy birthday' plate with us. That plate is a big deal and it was so cute to see how excited she was the night before to get it out of the armoire where I keep it. She had a swim meet that afternoon so we had to have her party scheduled for the next day. She loved that idea because she was then able to celebrate for two full days. She was my first baby and I hold a special place in my heart for this sweet girl. Elle loves to be held, hugged and snuggled. She is the most affectionate of all of my girls. At different times of the day she will just walk up to me and hug me and will say, "I love you, mama ." She loves to please and loves to have as she calls it, "mommy time". She is an amazing older sister to Gwen and Lily and loves to take care of them. I often tell her that the best day of my life was _____. She then always smiles and says, "when I was born." I couldn't say it any better myself. I love you, Ellers. Happy 6th Birthday.