Thursday, May 15, 2008


Our house is small and I am an organizer.  The girls needed someplace to play and I was constantly cleaning up after them in the house.  The best thing we ever did was make our garage a playroom.  We still park my car in there every night but during the day, it is  a fabulous playroom.  Jon got "garage carpet" from HomeDepot and put it down.  I went to CostPlus and bought baskets that I could organize their toys in.  We have an ipod sound dock out there that I put their kid music on and voila....a great place to play.  We have a slide out there, their play kitchen, books, puzzles, bikes and dress up clothes.  I leave the door into the kitchen open and they have a blast!  Elle cranks the music up and dances and Gwen cruises in circles on her trycicle.  It is their space and they love it.  At night we quickly tidy everything up and I pull my car back into the garage.  I love this picture of them.  They were both riding in circles to loud music and I made them stop so I could take a picture.  Gwen LOVES Elle's helmet and always brings it to me to put it on her.  Elle, as usual, is sporting a princess crown.  Good times!