Sunday, October 10, 2010

Princess Gwendolyn Agee

Gwen went to Disneyland for her friend, Malia's 4th Birthday. Malia's mom had the girls lined up for hair appointments at the "princess hair store" (that's what gwen called it). Glitter, hot pink and purple hair extensions, braids and her very own princess comb and brush. To say Gwen was excited would be an understatement. When she arrived home she was sound asleep. Jon carried her to her bed and we slipped her into her nightgown but were careful not to touch her hair. I took these photos of her right as she woke up. Her hair extensions still in tact and glitter covering her pillow proved that all the fun she had the night before was not just a dream. She was adorable telling me all about her fun night with her friend. She called her self Princess Gwendolyn Agee (that's how she pronounces mcgee). I told her she could leave her hair just like that for preschool. A few more squirts of hairspray and a bobby pin and it was as good as new. I love this little princess.


There's nothing like cousins. Here my girls are with my sister Megan's two girls, Hayden and Quinn. I really wish my sisters lived closer. My cute nephew Charlie (josie's little boy) was actually just out of the picture frame. We begged him to get in but he said there were "too many girls". I don't blame him.