Friday, September 20, 2013

Lily: First day of Preschool

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My Lily-pie is in preschool this year.  She was beyond excited about her backpack and lunch box.  Her little backpack says, "bonjour" and 'happiness" all over it.  When we saw it in the store she squealed with excitement and tried it on.  Her little lunch box is bright orange (her favorite color) and she had to have it IN her backpack like her big sisters.  I miss my little side-kick during the day.  A lot. 

Gwen: First day of 1st Grade

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Oh boy, can you tell Gwen is excited about being in 1st grade?!  She searched and searched for the perfect backpack.  When she found this gray denim hello kitty one the search was over instantly.  She said, "other kids might say hello kitty is baby but I'll say, I LOVE her".  I love Gwenner's confidence.  She checked the computer daily tracking its arrival.  So cute.
She loves her teacher and her class.  Lily misses playing with her in the mornings and I do too. Gwen makes me so happy.

Elle: 1st Day of 4th Grade

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I can't believe my Ellers is in 4th grade!!!  She loves her teacher and has a bunch of friends in her classs.  This year she told me she had to get a BIG backpack because in 4th grade that's when you have lots of homework and BIG books.  I love this girl so much.