Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day





Fun day. A picnic lunch and lots of swimming at the pool. I know the girls had a blast. As we were packing our cooler and they were in their swimsuits, I can not begin to explain the excitement they had. You would have thought it was Christmas morning. And why were they so excited? No one can do pool tricks with them as well as their daddy. He had them spinning and jumping and splashing like nothing I could ever come close to. All while I sat my 7 1/2 month pregnant self under an umbrella. Delightful! I wish he could stay home with us everyday.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Snack Time




This basket sits at the end of our couch and is where I keep quilts for the girls to use when they watch tv. Most mornings now however, they hop in themselves and watch their cartoons from inside. Elle says we need another one because it is too squishy for both of them to fit in it at once. Elle, I am on it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mama and Ellers


Couldn't sleep again last night. Pregnancy does that to me. I fiddled on the computer a bit, went and gave kisses to my sweet Gwen in her crib and then crawled into bed with my Ellers. I know I write about this a lot but really, there is nothing sweeter than your sleeping child. All warm and rosy cheeked. A few nights before she crept into bed with Jon and me. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "I just missed you mama". I gave her hugs and kisses and took her back to her bed where she fell right back to sleep. Last night as I snuggled her, I ended up falling asleep next to her only to have her wake me with a kiss this morning. She had a happy and surprised look as to why I was in her bed with her. I looked up at her and said, "I just missed you".

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Elle the Orator

Elle was assigned to give an oral report on maple syrup farms in her preschool class.  I know...oral report when you are four years old??  However, she did LOVE  doing it and even loved the poster that we (I) made.  Her number one request was that it have glitter on it and let me just say, she was sure to point that out to her class several times.  Jon surprised her and took off from work to meet us at her school to watch her deliver her report.  She did a great job and was too adorable for words.  Right as she finished, she ran to me and whispered in my ear, "mama, I was really nervous up there".  I reassured her of how well she did and she sat on my lap for the rest of the presentations.  This is the first of many school projects I am sure and we were so proud of her.  
note:  elle added the leopard print cardigan on top of her floral dress as we were walking out the door so that she could look "extra fancy" for the big event.  Is that cute or what?

Big Girl

I sure love this little girl.  She goes to a little preschool program just one day a week for a few hours.  She LOVES it and loves that she gets to take a lunch box just like her big sister.  She is soo proud of this Hello Kitty lunch box.  You can see it in the way she is admiring it.  Too cute. Whenever I drop her off I tell her I love her and that I will come right back to get her when she is done playing.  That makes her happy and she runs off to play.  The cute thing is that every time I pick her up, the first thing she says is, "mama back!" and then hugs me. I tell her that mama will ALWAYS come back for her.  I hope as she grows older she will know that no matter how far apart we are from eachother that her mama loves her and that I will always be there for her and that I will always "come back" for her or more realistically (as she gets older) she can always "come back" to me.   

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday Fun

This fun little water play-area is at our neighborhood pool and is one of our favorite places to go.  Elle calls it the "waterpark" and Gwen calls it "splash-splash".  They beg me to take them there daily.  The girls were in heaven and so was I. Between this and the beach, I think we are set for the summer.   

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Before I had Elle, I was a first grade teacher.  I loved, loved, loved it.  Such a fun and rewarding job.  At the end of the day all of the moms would stand outside my classroom window and wait for me to open the door to let their little ones out.  As much as I loved being in the classroom (I really did...and still miss it at times), a part of me was also envious of all the  mommies on the other side of that glass.  I wanted to be a mother.  As far back as I can remember, I have always yearned for this....even as a little girl I would hold my baby dolls and pretend they were real.  I know it is not like this for lots of women but it has always been true for me. Lots of days I feel overwhelmed and feel just warn out from the day in and day out routines of this whole mom business.  However, I have actually never felt that what I am doing is in vain or not of importance.  Often, I feel like I can't stand to unload that darn dishwasher one more time, or deal with a child's tantrum.  It gets old, BUT I do feel blessed that I have always felt in my heart of hearts the importance of my role as a mother.  There is NOTHING I would rather be doing in this life than being Elle and Gwen's mom.  I whisper in their little ears daily how much I love being their mommy.  I want them to not only hear those words but to feel those words in their hearts.  It is true and for this blessing, I am so thankful.  

I had a wonderful mother's day.  I think my very favorite gifts were the ones Elle brought home from preschool.  A hand painted picture frame with her cute little face in it and a little book that she filled in the blanks on.  And to record it, this is what she said...

My mommy's favorite thing to do is to snuggle me.
My mommy makes dinner for me.  She makes good noodles.
My mommy's hair is yellow and her eyes are green.
This is a picture of my mommy and me on Del Mar Street. (one of our little favorite places elle and I visit on our saturday dates).
(The pictures she drew were just priceless and I have already stuck it in her baby book)

Jon was too good to me.  He brought home a big bouquet of all white flowers.  He said I know you like all the same color flowers and all the same kind with no filler...(I have taught him well).  So thoughtful.  The necklace I am wearing in the pictures was also a gift from him that he gave me with the cutest card where he traced both of our girls' hands on the inside.  With a husband like Jon, my job of being a mom is made much easier.  He has always made me feel appreciated and loved.  This I am so thankful for.  

And on this mother's day, I am officially 7 months pregnant with our third little girl.  At my sisters' requests, here are a few pregnancy photos to prove that this weight gain is not in vain. There really is a baby in there...I promise.  I am one blessed mama.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Members Only

I left the front door open this afternoon.  The breeze and sunlight were just too nice to keep it shut.  Elle and Gwen got a tutu from our dress-up basket and used it as their blanket as they cuddled with eachother on the porch.  I watched them for a while before I even thought to grab my camera.  I love seeing the love they have for one another. Having sisters is like being a part of a very private club.  Only those with sisters can truly understand what I mean but it is so, so true.  I know Gwen and Elle have already established this club almost subconsciously. Even being their mom does not give me access...and because I know how important and wonderful this club membership is for them, I am not jealous in the least.  I get it.  
Elle has a calendar that she keeps track of my due date in.  She keeps it in her room and makes me regularly count how many more days until her baby sister will arrive.  There is definitely excitement in the air around here.  And let me just say how happy we all are that they have another little sister on the way to join their very private "sister club".