Thursday, April 2, 2009


I woke up at 3:30 in the morning with this cute little face about one inch from mine (elle's that is, not tiger's).  Elle said she felt sick and had thrown up.  I hopped her up into our bed while I went to survey the situation in her room.  Sure enough she had.  I stripped her bed, started the wash, cleaned Elle up and got her back to sleep only to have the whole scenario repeat itself about 45 minutes later.  Poor thing.  Jon had gotten home late last night and so I tried to be as quiet as I could to let him sleep.  Elle and I were in her room and she just kept crying that she just needed her daddy to know she was sick. She HAD to tell him.  She tiptoed back into our room and in the dark she tapped him on the shoulder and said, "dadda, I am sick and I just wanted you to know".  He kissed her and she tiptoed back out of our room and into her bed with me.  Something about just him knowing she was sick comforted her.  I thought it was so sweet and I could relate.  When I had a few months of being super sick with this pregnancy I did the same thing to Jon on numerous occasions.  In the middle of the night I would tap him on the shoulder, while wimpering I would say, "I know you can't do anything about it but I just need you to know how sick I feel right now".  Just like he did with Elle, he would kiss my forehead and then just hold my hand as I would try to get back to sleep. Somehow just him knowing also made me feel better.  The girls love their dadda and I love my Jon.  
So no preschool for us today.  Gwen is thrilled to have Elle's company.  Laundry, cartoons, 7-Up and tissue paper flower making here we come.  
(p.s. i love how cute my ellers looks in these pictures.  her blue eyes and little bare feet are my favorites. tiger is pretty cute too)