Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Mornings

I love Sunday mornings.  My Jon is home and we don't have to hurry and get out of our pajamas. This morning the girls were racing around our kitchen on these hot pink plasma cars.  They call this game, "freeway".  The kitchen island makes the perfect round-a-bout and they get going pretty fast.  I need to video it because I love how they sound...laughing and racing all around.  Elle does an amazing "skid-out" when she gets to the front door.  If you come and visit us, she will be sure to show off this incredible skill.  I love how Jon is cooking away in the background of the last photo.  I poured cereal for the girls (that's my best breakfast trick) and then Jon came into the kitchen with a much better plan and pulled out bagels and eggs and made us all amazing breakfast sandwiches.  He treats his girls well...all 3 of us :)

The Love Buckets

These little buckets are filled with sweet notes and toys that people have sent these two little girls during Gwen's recovery.  I have often thought how thoughtful everyone was to remember Elle as well as Gwen.  I explained to the girls that these buckets look like they are filled with toys but that they really are filled with love.  People that love them thought to send them these sweet little gifts.  Going through the love buckets is a favorite past-time around here.  Thank you again for being soo incredibly generous and thoughtful.  We love each of you.


Elle taught Gwen the art of telling secrets.  It is THEIR little thing they do together and they will NOT tell me what they are saying.  Gwen's sounds mostly like breathy jibber-jabber but Elle is really confiding in Gwen.  It is pretty cute.  I love watching these two sisters interact. Priceless.  I hope they will continue to confide in eachother for the rest of their lives.  That's what sisters are for.