Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas House

Sharing Christmas with children makes for quite a magical season.  Our little girls are just in complete awe of anything and everything to do with Christmas.  Elle was snuggled up to me on the couch the other night and said, "mama, thanks for making our house a Christmas house".  As the mom in this house, I do feel a responsibility to create the magic of Christmas for Elle and Gwen.  We have the tree up and decorated, stockings are hanging over our fireplace.  The wreaths are hung...we even have reindeer pillows on our couch, for heavens sake.  Elle calls her room the Christmas room and sleeps with Christmas lights on and has her own little tree and snowglobe lamp on her nightstand.  It is pretty magical for sure.  They each have their own advent calendars that they eat chocolate from first thing in the morning and everynight we watch a different Christmas movie curled up on the couch.  All of that is amazing and great but I am also trying to teach these little girls the real reason we are doing all of this.  I want them to know that having this "Christmas house" is my attempt at showing them the importance of this season.  Jon and I had a family night with the girls where we got out our Nativity set.  I told them the story of Jesus' birth and all about the wise men following the star.  As we talked about the story, the girls placed the pieces of the Nativity set into place.  I really want them to know why this season is so magical and so special.  And Jon's and my hope is that the McGee home will be a Christmas house all year long.