Thursday, March 26, 2009

Freeze Frame

I love when I can capture the girls without them knowing I am there.  On Sunday morning they hopped up on our window seat in the upstairs hallway.  Elle opened the shutters completely so they could watch the rain sprinkling down outside.  I heard her telling Gwen to look for birdies and to watch the rain trickle down the window.  I think of Elle as being so big because I so frequently compare her to Gwen.  But looking at these pictures I am reminded just how little she still is. Standing there in her jammies sucking her thumb.  These are the little moments that melt me.  While trying to get down Gwen just barely bumped her toe.  Elle ran and got a band-aid for her and helped take care of her little sister. She is my little nurturer and loves to take on the role of mommy any chance she gets.  Oh how I wish I could just freeze time with these little ones.