Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Whole City

This past year, I signed up Elle for the "late-bird" Kindergarten class. She didn't start until 11:05 (best decision ever). With her home in the mornings, on Tuesdays she would go with me to drop off Gwen at preschool. I know this sounds funny but it was something she really looked forward to. Gwen's preschool sits on the top of a hill and has an amazing view. There is a long outdoor hallway and each time we were there she would say "mom, can I go see the whole city"? The whole city. That made me smile every time. So each Tuesday we would first drop Gwen off in her class and then we would head up the stairs to her favorite view spot. She always wanted me to hold her and then we would look out at "our city". The day I took this picture it was cloudy but all that gray in the background just past the palm trees is the ocean. One of the cutest things she would do is when I was holding her she would make her hands look like she was holding a camera and she would pretend to take a picture. I would give her a big kiss and that was our ritual every Tuesday morning. It seems so silly but it really was so sweet and will always be a favorite memory for both of us.