Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Time

Hard to believe that it's Easter again. Our girls are quite excited. We actually got all of our Easter decorations out before St. Patrick's Day. They couldn't wait! The new favorite decoration is the glitter 'happy easter' banner. It's a hit. When the sun hits it just right it reflects all over our front room. The paper mache easter eggs in the basket are used as bowling balls at least once a day. I take them all apart, mix them up and then time the girls to see how fast they can find the correct matches and get them all back together. It's pretty funny. Another fun thing has been to keep telling the girls that, "the Easter Bunny is watching" whenever they're fighting or won't help me. Gwen is determined to get a big chocolate foil wrapped bunny again this year and that seems to be the biggest bargaining tool. I'm mean or just very, very smart. Whatever the case is, it's working. And yes, Lily got her haircut. Her Aunt Megan cut it for her and it's just adorable.