Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

We had a really fun Father's Day. The girls woke up early and were so excited to make Jon breakfast. The first thing they did was open up our cupboard to get out the cutting board. In our house the cutting board = a breakfast in bed tray. The girls were practically tripping over each other as they hurried up the stairs to deliver everything to their dad in bed. I really need to video more often because their voices and pure excitement melt me. Our gift to him was a remote control helicopter. Jon loves stuff like that and when the girls and I saw it at a kiosk in the mall we all knew it was the perfect gift for him. He loved it. The girls hurried jon through breakfast because they were soo excited about the helicopter. All 3 of the girls had so much fun with it this morning. We all went to church together and then when we came home, Elle and I started cooking. Jon got to choose anything he wanted for the Father's Day lunch.

The menu ended up being:
Baked Swedish Spaghetti, Salad, French Bread, and homemade Chocolate Cake for dessert.
The dinner picture isn't so great but I still love it (gwen's eyes are half shut but in all the other pictures I took she had her hands covering her face because she kept waving them and yelling, "happy father's day!!" while I was trying to take the picture. elle is holding up 6 fingers because it is almost her 6th birthday...can you tell she's excited?)

We each went around the table and said our favorite things we love about Jon/Dad.

Elle said, "I love daddy because he rides bikes with me and plays with me." The cutest thing was at the end she added, "I am so glad that I was sent from heaven to him." I loved that.

Gwen said, "Daddy gives good snuggles and scratches my back and is funny and makes princess beds for me." (Princess beds are these amazing pillow/blanket/cushion beds that jon makes on the couch for the girls when we watch movies together.)

And last but not least, I must add...
I love Jon because he is an amazing dad to our girls. He makes me want to be better in all areas of my life. He is the kindest, most sincere and loving person I know. He always hugs me in front of the girls and tells them that I am his girlfriend which I love (and they do too). Most importantly, I love that he is setting an example for our girls as to what a husband and father should be.

I love you Jonnie...Happy Father's Day