Monday, October 27, 2008

Last Stop

Our last few stops during the wedding weekend included getting to see my mom, hanging out with my sister and going to Ben's studio.  We were able to visit my mom at her stomping grounds.  Elle loved seeing all of Grammie's nursing equipment and even made a few rounds with her.  Thanks mom for opening your home to us and for letting the girls snuggle with your dog, Tootsie.  We were also lucky to be able to meet up with my sister Briar and her cute family.  We met them at her husband Ben's studio.  He has his own letterpress studio in Salt Lake City.  The artform is amazing and hasn't changed in the last 100+ years.  Ben has 6 letterpresses that he has acquired from all over the United States.  He does custom wedding invitations and announcements as well as boxed set cards and stationery that you may see in your favorite stationery stores and boutiques all around the country.  Needless to say I was in heaven browsing through all of the beautiful things he had in the studio.  Check out his websites...  Seraph Stationery and The Mandate Press.
Catching up with Briar, Ben and their three girls was so fun.  Elle and Gwen had a blast running around with their cousins.  I had so much catching up with Briar.  We are only 16 months apart. We look a like, we have basically the exact same childhood memories and we both think the same random things are hilarious.  
The girls loved flying.  I wasn't too sure about our 7am flights...very interesting with two toddlers!  Elle loved being able to sit by the window on the plane and Gwen loved daddy's fun idea of cruising the airports on top of her "monkey suitcase".  A great end to an amazing family packed weekend!