Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Sunday

 photo december14b_zps8b14197c.jpg

Love these 3 soooo much!  

I thought Elle would like having a different dress from her sisters but when I pulled everything out for the girls, Elle said, "why am I not matching??"  I will  match them into their teens if they'll let me :)  I had black tights for Gwen and Lily but could not find them for the life of me as we were rushing to get out the door for church.  They're not babies anymore and I am loving watching their personalities develop.  
I want to freeze them just like this forever.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Room

 photo december3_zps7e39c8de.jpg

  Christmas is my very favorite holiday and we're getting so excited.  Just 4 more sleeps!  We started decorating the house the day after Thanksgiving.  Without question, the favorite thing the girls take out of our Christmas boxes are their Santa Sheets.  I've taken this photo almost every year and here is my lily jumping on her Christmas bed.  Last Christmas she was in a crib so this was the first year for her to have Santa Sheets.  Elle moved into Lily's room so we had to get another set.
They get to pick out their own Christmas trees for their bedrooms every year.  At night with the lights on them, it looks so magical.  I close their doors at night so each morning when I come in to wake them, the smell of pine is incredible.  There's nothing like real pine trees.  I'm hoping these sights, smells and sounds of Christmas are being soaked up into their little minds. You only get one childhood.  

Christmas Kitchen

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 photo december5_zps29219841.jpg

 photo december6_zps3861d3cd.jpg

White Christmas

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 photo december9b_zpsb85622a7.jpg

 photo december10_zps412046c0.jpg

 photo december13_zps046c145c.jpg

 photo december1_zps17759284.jpg

The jingle bells on red velvet ribbon we put on each stocking are the girls' favorite addition this year.  And just like every other Pinterest reading mom out there, I put our tree in a basket.  The cowhide bowl next to the basket is filled with our favorite Christmas picture books.  

Santa Wreath

 photo december8_zps812b4c28.jpg

 photo december7_zps8b0045bd.jpg

 A subtle hint for Santa to stop at our home 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Baby June Elizabeth

 photo babytuverson2_zps49f762e7.jpg

 photo babytuverson1_zps8a111c95.jpg

 photo junetuverson1_zpse6d850e5.jpg

One of my best friends, Christy, had her 4th baby recently. I'm not a professional photographer but my gift to her was to take pictures of her sweet newborn baby girl at the hospital and also a few days after they came home.  
These were a few of my favorites.  How cute is this little angel!? I miss this newborn stage a lot.  Nothing sweeter.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


 photo halloween2_zpsb4fa8ab6.jpg

I have a collection of all different types of pumpkins -- glass, carved wood, silver, etc.   When I ran across these black and white checkered ones, I knew they needed to come home with me.  

Lily the Lamb

 photo october10_zpsc9670dd3.jpg

 photo october9_zpsed070a04.jpg

Gwen the 50's Girl

 photo october7_zps96e3baa0.jpg

 photo october11_zps3507f21e.jpg

Elle the Indian

 photo october8_zpsec6fa3ae.jpg

 photo october13_zps961e1a6b.jpg

Halloween 2013

 photo october12_zps8f3d265b.jpg

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10 year Anniversary (6 months late)

Jon and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary last April.  In many respects it feels like we've been married a lot longer than 10 years. And that's not a bad thing.  We have 3 little girls that now call us mom and dad.  We've had the ups and downs like any other couple but one thing is for sure....We love each other.  Even in the more difficult and stressful periods of life, I have not once wondered if Jon loves me.  He is an incredible husband and father and there's no one else I'd rather journey through this life with.  He makes my life Happy.

On our Anniversary, Jon was out of town.  I was a bit bummed about it until he sent me this video at the crack of dawn the morning of our anniversary.  He had been working on it for a while and I can't help but tear up every time I watch it.
Here's to many many more years with my Jonnie.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

❤ ❤ ❤

 photo october6_zps706df9d4.jpg

I couldn't resist this one...

Friday, October 4, 2013


 photo october4_zps3b789894.jpg

 photo october5_zps847cce6b.jpg

 photo october3_zps09c4da00.jpg

Lily has a little cow pillow pet.  She calls it her mimi.  The most important part of her mimi is the little strap on the side that has the velcro on it.  That strap is like GOLD.  When she sleeps at night she has to put her head on her mimi and then she holds the strap. Every morning she walks into our bedroom in her jammies dragging her mimi.  When we go downstairs for breakfast - mimi gets dragged down the stairs.  I have to make sure when I wash her pillow pet that it is dry by the time it's bedtime.  One of these nights I'm going to sneak in her room and get a picture of her with her sleeping and holding on to that velcro strap.  It's so cute. The very bottom picture is my favorite.  We have a little window seat in our upstairs hallway that looks down on to our driveway.  On the days that Jon takes Gwen and Elle to school, Lily will run up to the window seat, open the shutters and sit and watch them hop in the car and drive off to school.  She's missing that Gwen isn't home with her in the mornings anymore.  I'm SOO happy that I still have my Lily-pie home with me...and her mimi.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chandelier in the Kitchen

 photo october2_zps5c4d7f25.jpg

I recently put this antique brass chandelier in our kitchen.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  It's really, really beautiful.  I've imagined one here for years.  I loved the lantern I had up previously but this is a fun change.  It's a little bit tricky to photograph.  When the light is off it photographs "black" but that's not how it looks in person.  It's an old and weathered brass.  I love how it looks with the mix of antiques and more rustic natural wood we have downstairs.  

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lily: First day of Preschool

 photo september11_zpsa23b773f.jpg

 photo september12_zpsbecfd619.jpg

My Lily-pie is in preschool this year.  She was beyond excited about her backpack and lunch box.  Her little backpack says, "bonjour" and 'happiness" all over it.  When we saw it in the store she squealed with excitement and tried it on.  Her little lunch box is bright orange (her favorite color) and she had to have it IN her backpack like her big sisters.  I miss my little side-kick during the day.  A lot. 

Gwen: First day of 1st Grade

 photo september9_zpsdc858b1b.jpg

 photo september10_zpsca2d4784.jpg

Oh boy, can you tell Gwen is excited about being in 1st grade?!  She searched and searched for the perfect backpack.  When she found this gray denim hello kitty one the search was over instantly.  She said, "other kids might say hello kitty is baby but I'll say, I LOVE her".  I love Gwenner's confidence.  She checked the computer daily tracking its arrival.  So cute.
She loves her teacher and her class.  Lily misses playing with her in the mornings and I do too. Gwen makes me so happy.

Elle: 1st Day of 4th Grade

 photo september7_zpsb70894ee.jpg

 photo september8_zpsb7498c6c.jpg

I can't believe my Ellers is in 4th grade!!!  She loves her teacher and has a bunch of friends in her classs.  This year she told me she had to get a BIG backpack because in 4th grade that's when you have lots of homework and BIG books.  I love this girl so much.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Family Room

 photo september4_zps89ec6f51.jpg

 photo september2_zps238ff3ed.jpg

 photo september3_zpsf085527c.jpg

 photo september5_zps238663b2.jpg

 photo september6_zps1a863ec2.jpg

The girls are back in school and are happy to have routine again in their lives -- I must say, I am too.  I stopped at the flower stand today and got some fall flowers for the family room.  Makes me happy. Our family room is finally coming together for me.  The scale is difficult in this room because of the vaulted ceilings.  That table in the corner is 60" across.  It's a kitchen table and still gets swallowed up in the corner.  I would love to have a round table there but this was one we just had and I've made it work.  I now have a lamp that has the correct scale for the room.  I love the silver.  To the right of the fireplace there needs to be a chair to balance out the room.   I have an amazing one in our storage unit that I found at a consignment shop over a year ago.  I just need to save my pennies to get it reupholstered.  Most of my day is with my sweet girls and doing laundry and grocery shopping and cleaning...fussing with my house is my hobby and passion and my creative outlet.  Today just putting the flowers out and taking pictures made me happy.  

Mantel Update

 photo september1_zpsa7745354.jpg

This blue and white lidded jar is my new favorite thing.  Just adding this to our mantel brightened the whole room.  

Monday, August 26, 2013

My Girls

 photo august6_zps413237e6.jpg

 photo august7_zps12ab42f7.jpg

 photo august5_zps5fb442e4.jpg

 photo august8_zps62779245.jpg

As soon as we got out of the car from church yesterday I made the girls let me take their picture before going inside.  They are the cutest ages right now.  All 3 of them are still just little girls.  I love that they're mine.  I still can't believe I got 3 girls.  That's always what I really wanted.  I always tell them that the 3 of them are my wish that came true.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Sister

 photo august4_zps92d6d203.jpg

The other day Lily looked right into my eyes and with a big smile on her face she said,
"Mom, I'm not a baby anymore, now I'm a SISTER".
I couldn't have explained the change in dynamics in our family better myself.  
Friends come and go but Sisters are Forever.  

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


 photo august3_zps69c71ac9.jpg

After a long day on the beach I caught my Gwenners hosing herself off at our friends beach house.  Gwen is 6 1/2 and is the most care free and hilarious person I know.
She's got this whole LIFE thing figured out.  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Lily!

 photo august2_zps9d54e97b.jpg

My Lily-pie turned 4 on July 31st.  My BABY is 4?!?!  I can't stand it.  She woke up to balloons and a few little gifts.  Her favorite gift was a princess coloring book.  For her birthday she wanted to go swimming and she wanted a pink cake with an orange heart on it -- so that's exactly what she got.  Lily is my angel and my little companion.  She gives me unsolicited kisses and hugs all day long and loves to snuggle.  I love this sweet girl.

Happy 9th Birthday, Elle!

 photo august1_zpsb50568f8.jpg

This sweet girl turned 9 on July 21st.  She woke up to balloons in her room in her favorite color (a tradition) and a few birthday gifts.  Her main wish was for jewelry.  She's a girly girl through and through.  We opened gifts and then actually had to get on the road.  I drove with my girls to Utah to meet my sisters and their kids at a home my sister rented in Park City.  We did the big birthday dinner and cake with cousins a few days later in UT.  Elle was a great co-pilot on our drive.  I adore this girl.  She is kind and sweet and thoughtful to her core.  

Saturday, July 20, 2013

4th of July

 photo july6_zps802469b1.jpg

❤ I sure love these three ❤

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mountain Bike Race

 photo july1_zpsaefda587.jpg

 photo july2_zpsefa2c1ae.jpg

 photo july3_zps25d7b894.jpg

 photo july4_zps29d50346.jpg

 photo july5_zpsf85c4d46.jpg

Jon signed our girls up for their first mountain bike race.  They were so excited.  The race was the only thing they talked about the week leading up to it.  It's so sweet to see Jon with the girls doing something he loves.  Even our little lily-pie got to do a little race with her training wheels.  I hope to see the girls in lots more races.  I'm better at just being the family photographer.