Friday, May 28, 2010

Butterfly Princess Gwendolyn

Ballet Costumes

Elle and Gwen's ballet recital is coming up. This morning in their classes Miss Carol handed out their costumes to make sure everything fit. You would have thought it was Christmas morning in that room. All of the little girls were soo excited. They looked adorable. Ballet mornings are fun for the girls but really long for me. It starts early and I have to have Elle also packed for school with her lunch, backpack and change of clothes before we leave. I then sit in a crowded hallway on the floor for 2 hours with Lily who should be napping at that time. As soon as they are let out I then have to race all 3 girls into the car to help Elle change into her school clothes to make it to kindergarten all in under 15 minutes. I know that is a lot of boring info there but it really made me dread those mornings. Seeing the girls get their costumes this morning and their faces light up made me realize that all of those busy mornings have been worth it.